Welcome to the Interpreters' Profession Development Workshop, brought to you by Multicultural Community Service. Please check back soon for updates on our next workshop. In the meantime, be sure to check out our photogallery to see pictures of our Note-Taking Seminar!

The 2014 Interpreters’ Professional Development Workshop celebrated the role of language access in Washington, DC. Nearly 100 community interpreters, distinguished community leaders, and industry experts gathered for an innovative training session presented by Multicultural Community Service (MCS) in partnership with the D.C. Mayor’s Office on Latino Affairs (OLA) and in collaboration with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) on April 25, 2014. This training addressed the most updated information on technology applied to language interpretation while exploring the importance of language access issues that impact civic engagement for English language learners and the greater Washington, D.C. community. In addition, this program commemorated the 10th anniversary of the 2004 D.C. Language Access Act, important legislation that widely expanded access to language services.

The 2015 Translators’ & Interpreters' Professional Development Workshop will highlight and embrace the work, skills development, and best practices that many language practitioners are currently requesting and seeking in order to diversify and maximize their language skills, including for many, the dual role of interpreter and translator. MCS has acknowledged and supported the efforts of our interpreters and translators who are constantly looking for professional development to advance their language skills.

Community Interpreters Gather in Washington, D.C.—Community Interpreters Unite!

On Saurday, April 11th, 2009, a group of community interpreters came together to participate in a breakfast and luncheon meeting at the Josephine Butler Parks Center.  In spite of the rain, and the early beginning of the meeting, over a hundred community interpreters, took part in different sessions, shared valuable experiences, professional challenges, and provided insightful feedback on the current needs of this relatively new profession.  The Executive Office of the Mayor, Office on Latino Affairs (OLA), in coordination with the Multicultural Community Service (MCS), organized this first meeting in order to create a new forum where trained community interpreters, and those interested in being trained as community interpreters, can come together to acquire new skills, learn from field practitioners, and share information, while creating a sense of membership, and establishing a new professional network.

The sessions covered an array of topics of interest to the different participants.  Two general information sessions on “Community Interpretation as a Profession,” and a session on the “Language Access Law” in DC were intended to provide a general background on the need for trained community interpreters within the climate of equal access that the Language Access Act of 2004 has provided in the District of Columbia.   Two additional sessions on “How interpreters can raise awareness of their interpretation skills,” and “Creating new opportunities for professional development,” were intended to bring together an interested group of interpreters to promote and organize into a professional community.  Simultaneous to these two last sessions, a workshop on “Note taking for Spanish interpreters” was provided for those interpreters with advanced training to better improve their note-taking skills.   The training sessions ended with a “Lunch Working Session,” where participants learned about legal interpretation, differences in court and non-court interpreting practices, and heard about case study data on how to avoid mental fatigue and improve one’s overall interpretation skills.

Attendance at the event was impressive, and the participants were eager to continue this endeavor in the future.  Of all participants, 36% indicated that they have taken community interpreting training, while 64% were interested in being trained.  Although most of the participants were already working within a Spanish/English language combination (67% of the total participants), there was also a diversity of other languages represented as well.  One could walk the hallways of the Center and hear bits and pieces of sentences spoken in Amharic, Arabic, Chinese, French, Korean, Portuguese, Punjabi, Spanish, and Vietnamese.

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The 2nd Annual Interpreters' Professional Development Workshop

The 2nd Annual Interpreters' Professional Development Workshop was held on Saturday, April 10, 2010.  The event was presented by the Multicultural Community Service in partnership with the Mayor's Office on Latino Affairs (OLA) and in collaboration with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).  Workshop participants attended sessions led by interpretation experts Holly Mikkelson, James Nolan, and Iciar Gomez as well as Rosa Carrillo of MCS, Cecilia Castillo of OLA, and Aryan Rodriguez of OHR.  The workshop also featured a celebration of April as "Language Access Awareness Month" as proclaimed by DC Mayor Adrian Fenty.

The Multicultural Community Service (MCS), in partnership with the Mayor's Office on Latino Affairs (OLA), and in collaboration with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), is proud to present the 2011 Interpreters' Professional Development Workshop. Workshop participants will have the opportunity to learn about different interpreter trainings and programs at universities around the country, and to participate in sessions led by interpretation experts. The workshop will include a networking lunch, where participants will have the opportunity to discuss their interpreting challenges and experiences with one another.

Workshop Includes:
♦ Note-taking Techniques for Long and Short Consecutive Interpreting: From Conference to Community Settings
♦ Information session with representatives of different universities, association and organizations on interpreting programs, undergraduate, master or other trainings
♦ Q&A; sessions with MCS Community interpreter training program alumnae
♦ Training Materials
♦ Continental breakfast and lunch
♦ Celebration of the D.C. Language Act's anniversary
♦ 5 Continuing Education Points for American Translators Association members

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