Plenary Session I: When Interpretation and Translation Cross Paths
Panelists and participants will consider the following questions:What is it in translation that is useful in interpretation?What is it in interpretation that is useful in translation?What in translation could be detrimental to interpretation?What in interpretation could be detrimental to translation?Are the skill sets different for translation and interpretation? Can one be successful in both?

Presenters: Kelly Moudy, Diane de Terra, and Rosa Carrillo

Moderator: Hillary Binder-Aviles
Panelists' responses will cover professional experience, training and education, recent research findings, and relevance of technology.  Participants will have an opportunity to contribute to this discussion, to suggest strategies that have proven successful to dual roles and to raise other questions. There will also be an opportunity to compare the practices and skills of sight translation and interpreting with text to determine their implications for training and practice.

Plenary Session II: DC Government and Language Access:  Working together!

Presenters: Dr. Cecilia Castillo and Rosa Carrillo
Participants will have the opportunity to visualize how an interpretation session works in practice at a DC Government agency.  They will be shown video clips of a simulated mediation and administrative hearing  sessions in order to have a sense of how an interaction is facilitated by an interpreter.  Participants will learn what the expectations are during the interpretation session for both government providers (DC government agencies named under the Language Access Law) and interpreters assigned to facilitate those interactions. These video clips will serve as an educational tool for the professionalization of interpreters and the promotion of Language Access’ best practices in DC Government.

Interpreter Workshop: How do I set and achieve my goals for advancement in the interpreting profession?
Learn from experts in the field how to advance skills in the range of interpretation fields.Presenters: Professors and practitioners Diane DeTerra and Master Interpreter, Kelly MoudyParticipants will learn about the differences between the sub-fields of community interpreting and conference interpreting. They will learn about the skill sets required for each, as well as respective opportunities for training and advancement. The session will be interactive and include multimedia resources.

Translator Workshop: What kind of translation tools are right for me?
See demonstrations of the cutting edge translation and post editing software. Presentation will be followed by a Q & A session.Presenters: Manon King and German CampoyTranslators can learn, share tips, and receive first-hand knowledge of what technology tools are available to improve the quality and quantity of their work.

Local Certification, Qualification and Training Options: What Resources do I have in the DC Area?
Participant organizations: ATA, IMIA, and DC Superior CourtHear presentations from ATA and IMIA about their certification programs and what interested applicants should know before starting their certification process.This workshop will provide a Q & A session for members of ATA, IMIA and DC Superior Court who are interested and seeking a better understanding of the certification exam process, and for participants who want to pursue court certification. - หมวดหมู่ ล่ามภาษา